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If you want to add an Plugin that is not already inlcuded, For Example from The Plugins Repository you can do that by doing the following

Download and Install the Plugin

  1. Download The Plugin Zip File (if not already done)
  2. Extract the Zip and copy the plugin folder (the folder should have the same name as the plugin) to the CKEditor Plugins folder (...\Providers\HtmlEditorProviders\CKEditor\plugins)
  3. Then you need to add the plugin to the extraPlugins list in the Editor Config Settings
  4. If the Plugin doesnt add a Button to the toolbar, the plugin will loaded with editor

Making the Plugin visible in the Toolbar Set Editor

  1. First you need to copy the toolbar icon file from the plugin folder to the ..\Providers\HtmlEditorProviders\CKEditor\icons folder and make sure the file has the same name as the image
  2. Then you need to modify the CKToolbarButtons.xml in the portal home folder (the standard location is ..\Portals\0) and add a new list item for the plugin

  1. Now you should be able to add the new Toolbar to any Toolbar Set you want, inside the Toolbar Editor.

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