Cannot add link to image anymore


I upgraded from version 2.01.04 to 2.01.06
Now I am facing a couple of issues with adding image and editing URLs popups:
  • using Edge, the Add Image popup has no background and no border
  • using IE11, adding an image works, however, if I select the image and try to add a link to it, the image is deleted.

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leupold wrote Jan 6 at 4:05 PM

forgot to mention: DNN 7.4.2, using DNN7 version of the editor provider.

tha_watcha wrote Jan 7 at 12:04 PM

What skin you are using?

leupold wrote Jan 8 at 1:15 PM

we are using a custom skin, but I tried Darknight default skin as well - same effect.
This did not happen in version 2.1.4 of the provider or before.

wrote Jan 8 at 1:28 PM

leupold wrote Jan 8 at 1:28 PM

Same effect happens, if I select a text to add a link to it: After adding the link, the display text is gone.
Also, the dialogue for adding the link doesn't display properly, when opening (it gets corrected after selecting a link type), see attached image.

tha_watcha wrote Jan 8 at 2:20 PM

No i mean what skin for the editor you are using?

leupold wrote Jan 8 at 3:09 PM

sorry, I misunderstood. We are using moono skin

leupold wrote Feb 4 at 12:20 PM

oops, I am wrong, the site uses office2013 skin.

leupold wrote Feb 4 at 12:28 PM

I tried office2013, moono and moono-lisa, but the same issue occurs in any case.
I am going to revert to previous version

leupold wrote Feb 4 at 2:44 PM

I downgraded to 2.1.5 and the issue persisted.
I downgraded to 2.1.4, and the issue went away.
I upgraded an older copy of the site from 2.1.4 to 2.1.5 and the issue didn't show up.
I upgraded further to 2.1.6, and the editor still worked as expected.
I upgraded the original site again to 2.1.6, and everything works as expected now.
I have no idea, what caused the issue originally.

Please close this issue.

leupold wrote Feb 5 at 4:40 PM

Meanwhile the issue shows up again on both websites - there might have been older code cached.
I will downgrade to 2.1.4 again. It would be great, if you are having an idea, Ingo.

wrote Feb 5 at 6:07 PM

tha_watcha wrote Feb 5 at 6:08 PM

I attached the updatedn dnnpages plugin.js this should fix the issue with the linkdialog

tha_watcha wrote Feb 5 at 6:08 PM

The issues with the image dialog i no can reproduce

leupold wrote Feb 15 at 2:38 PM

Thank you Ingo, this fixes the issue for me for now.
It would be great to get it included in next release.

tha_watcha wrote Feb 16 at 1:57 PM

yes of course this will be included in the next release. The issues in the ie and edge continue?

wrote May 1 at 5:20 PM